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    Become a Product Tester for Home Tester Club

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    If you like to try new household goods, electronics and clothing items take a look at Home Tester Club.

    How Do You Become a Product Tester for Home Tester Club?

    You join the site, fill out a thorough survey with accurate details and honest responses and you might just be selected to try innovative new products from major brands you recognize. All that’s required is your honest thoughts and feedback so that the companies know what to change or improve upon.

    Home Tester Club is a trusted site that has been around for many years, Home Tester Club has over 2 million members and that have collectively reviewed around 7,500 different and exciting consumer goods.

    Does Everyone Get a Product to Test?

    Over 2.6 million home tests have been conducted by its members! Not everyone gets a product though, you will need to complete the screener and if you qualify you will be contacted to participate in the product test.

    Ready to Become a Tester for Home Tester Club?

    Join the world’s biggest digital community of shoppers where you’ll find out all you need to know to make better buying decisions and you can share all you know to help others in the community do the same. Product experiences and uncensored, honest conversations about everyday household products. It’s a whole lot of fun!

    If you think you’d be interested in joining apply here.

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