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    Get Free Macy’s Perfume Samples in the Mail

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    Wouldn’t you love to get free perfume vials in the mail to try new scents? I’m going to share you a simple trick to ensure you get invited to receive samples of the latest popular arrivals at Macy’s. Who doesn’t want to get free Macy’s perfume samples in the mail?

    It’s pretty easy, this is a targeted offer but if you follow the steps you should be offered an invite to join.

    Go the to Macy’s Facebook and Macy’s Instagram pages and interact with any posts with perfume or cologne mentioned in them. Finally visit the Macy’s website and browse the perfume pages for a few minutes, this signals to their advertising partner that you are in market for perfume.

    This all gets tracked by their ad delivery system and you will most likely be shown an ad in the near future to join their mailing list for perfume samples.

    If you get accepted or invited please share this page with friends so they can join in the on the free perfume goodness to! Be sure to add #upfreebie to your posts so we can feature them here. Good Luck!

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