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    Get Free Random Amazon Products from Direct Ship

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    Direct Ship Freebies are a relatively new thing, but they’re pretty awesome. Basically Amazon vendors have to pay storage for their merchandise in warehouse across the country. Sometimes the cost to store the items become more than the cost to produce said items. How would you like to get FREE random Amazon products (direct ship freebies)? This is where you come in, these sellers would rather ship items to people who might make good use out them than ask Amazon to “destroy” them. Yes, Amazon literally disposes of sellers items that don’t sell at the request of the vendor that does not want to pay storage fees.

    Why not swoop in and save the day? The sellers want the products to go to good least and possibly gain some social media exposure in return. I’m going to share with you some resources from around the web, please keep in mind that these are simple Google forms, never give anyone money or post reviews just because they told you to.

    I don’t assume any liability by sharing this list, please use your best judgement when selecting the offer to sign up for.

    What You Can Expect

    Well, you can expect a lot of random things but honestly from word of mouth experiences there are typically some really useful items that get shipped out such as rechargeable batteries, kitchen tools, baby stuff, clothing, electronics….*ahem*…adult stuff…and loads more. It’s genuinely exciting to receive stuff for free, and all of the stuff ships from Amazon in most cases.

    How Long does it Take to get Direct Ship Freebies?

    Honestly Direct Ship Freebies (mail freebies) can sometimes take weeks to mailed to you from direct ship offers, there’s no guarantees and no real method of contact with the sender. But once you get your first freebie you’ll be hooked!

    What if I Don’t Like What I Get?

    If you get something you really don’t like or need you can always donate it to a friend or family member or even the goodwill and get a tax write off for your charitable contribution! Or heck, why not sell it on eBay instead?

    Should I Review These Direct Ship Freebies?

    I would have to lean towards saying no. I would not advise you to ever post reviews on Amazon when you receive direct ship items, the reason being is that Amazon might view it as suspicious if you and 50 other people leave a glowing review on the same day. Instead, I would highly suggest you give honest and generous reviews on your social media accounts instead. Link to the products on Amazon if you can find them this way the seller can gain some exposure in exchange for your direct ship freebies, this way everyone is happy!

    Where Do I Sign Up?

    These are the links to signup with the various sellers with direct ship freebies, please be careful not disclose anything like credit card numbers or social security numbers! By signing up for these direct shipments you proceed at your own risk. It’s best if you use a secondary phone number (Burner on iOS) and designated e-mail address for these free offers.

    Direct Ship Freebie Signup Forms

    Updated 12/12/20

    That’s all the direct shipping links we have for now. If you enjoyed this post, check out our Amazon Warehouse Deals Master Discount List to help you save big on your future purchases, you’ll never know what you might find if you don’t look.

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