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    10 Best Survey Sites to Make Money in 2020

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    You’ve probably heard of paid surveys in some spam post on Facebook or some website that promised a full-time income from it…those are usually scams that don’t pan out for anyone.

    That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of the top 10 best survey sites to make money on in 2020. With these survey sites you can receive payouts after earning as little as $5.00. Who doesn’t love free money in exchange for answering some questions?

    Most surveys can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes and many users often report much less time is spent than they had initially expected.

    I personally have taken part of some of these and the surveys are interesting, sometimes they can be as simple as taking a screen shot in an app so a developer knows their app is compatible with your model of phone. Other times the surveys can be questions about your buying patterns to help brands better align their marketing to their potential customers.

    Get your Side Hustle On

    Product Report Card
    With Product Report Card you earn cash rewards for simply answering questions and sharing your opinions. Out of the paid survey sites we looked at, this company has the least repetitive questions, and interesting topics. They don’t spam and the surveys are so simple you can do them anywhere. There is an option to be paid out via Amazon Gift card instead of check to streamline the payout process.

    Survey Junkie
    Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites where you can get paid for your input. Make better use of your free time on the internet, earn money with Survey Junkie. Every 100 points you earn on here can be converted into $1. So if a survey pays 500 points, that’s $5 in your pocket. The simple user interface makes it easy for non-techsavvy people to take part. There are also focus groups that you might get invited to, these tasks pay much more points. The neat part about this one is that even teens aged 16 and up can participate and earn cool rewards too!

    Life points offers payouts at $5, you earn money by answering questions and surveys that meet your profile criteria. This one is modern and easy to browse.

    Swagbucks is another great place to earn cash rewards, they offer many ways to make money. Sometimes it could be signing up for an offer, taking surveys or simply completing a simple task like reading a blog article. I have made around $65 so far using this program and I’ve only been a member for 4 months.

    If you have success with any of these please share this page with friends and family using the hashtag #upfreebie so we can feature your story here! Now, go make that money!

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