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    Get FREE Samples from Sampler

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    Free samples are very popular right now. Many companies are engaging in product trial promotions and often times the products are pretty generous.

    Free Samples Picked Just For You

    So, free samples are amazing, but getting ones you’ll actually use or want is so much better right?

    Sampler is cool because it only matches you with products we know you’ll love, because sampling isn’t one size fits all.

    The more you sample and enjoy the better tailored your profile will be.

    Just this month I was able to try out for the first time. I was selected for a Persil Pro Clean campaign, it was perfect timing to as I was on my last load of detergent when the mailman arrived with a package. I ended up loving the Persil detergent so much I purchased it at the store that same day. It was great because I had a genuine interest in trying the product but wasn’t sure I’d like it before I received the free sample from Sampler. It’s convenient to try stuff out without having to make a commitment to it if it’s not of interest to you.

    All samples are free and there is no associated delivery cost. FREE.

    Is Legit?

    YES! Over a total of 6 years, Sampler has given out millions of free samples on behalf of some of the world’s largest and best brands.

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