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    Sign up to Become a Nike Product Tester

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    Nike is constantly looking for people to try out their hundreds of products, whether it be apparel or shoes, they need people to share their feedback so they can make effective changes to all of their products.

    This is why Nike is such a personal brand, they strive to get it right every time, and they do this with the help of everyday people such as yourself. Consumer satisfaction is important in this segment of products, that’s why they need your help.

    The products to be tested are based on what Nike needs, they search their massive database of user tester to send the right product for the right person to try.

    This is an excellent way to get free products that you otherwise might not be able to afford or perhaps would not have found on your own.

    If you think you’d be interested in trying free Nike products then continue below.

    Apply Here

    If you’re chosen as a Nike product tester please share a post with the #upfreebie so that we may feature your post here. Also, make sure you let your family and friends now about this opportunity, share this page! Good Luck!

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