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    Become a Product Tester of Free High End Electronics

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    How would you like to be paid for your opinions in free products? BetaBound is a major industry player in consumer testing. They provide free products like electronics for you to review in the comfort of your home. Imagine getting free high end electronics just for sharing your opinions and helping companies better serve their customers.

    It’s really easy to sign-up but you’ll have to wait a while before being approved as a tester, all you need to do is fill out their application and be as thorough and honest as possible. When I signed up I didn’t notice any invasive or overly personal questions, their questions are essentially trying to better understand what products to send you for review. Typically this is all that is needed to become a product tester of free high end electronics.

    If you’re selected to this program and get the chance to review something please reach out and let us know. Use the hashtag #upfreebie in your posts so we can find it and feature it here. Share this page with your friends and family so they can get in on the exciting product testing too.

    Make sure you follow all the rules that they provide with each task, if something is supposed to be private or you sign a non-disclosure agreement then don’t share the details of the testing!

    When they ask you for an ambassador code type “King catfish”

    Apply here.

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