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    Get a Free Smart TV from Telly

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    You read that right get a FREE Smart TV from Telly. Telly is a new company that is giving away free smart TVs in enhance for viewing and usage data, you agree to share these key metrics, kind of like Nielsen Ratings in a way.

    Smart TVs come with ads, but you still pay for them. This changes with Telly. Telly pays for itself through advertisers and data partners. When you create a Telly account, they ask questions about you and your household to provide a useful ad experience.

    Brands pay for relevant and non-intrusive ads on the second Smart Screen. This is how you get Telly for free. It’s straightforward. It’s time for you to benefit from this huge opportunity!

    What is unique about the TVs from Telly is that they have two screens and a built-in soundbar as well as an optionally enabled web cam for things like Zoom to video conference with friends, family and work…if that’s your thing. This makes for an all-round great family entertainment device with perks you can’t even get from traditional smart TVs. At the time of this writing, Telly is only available in the United States, but that may change in the future.

    Do you need a credit card to receive a FREE Smart TV from Telly?

    Yes. They will use a credit card to validate your identity, assist with fraud protection and ensure compliance with Telly’s terms and conditions. You’ll need to provide a valid credit card when finalizing your Telly order. There is no charge or hold during this verification step. Your Telly is completely free. Credit card details are encrypted and held securely with their trusted partner Stripe. 

    In addition, the credit card associated with your account can optionally be used to make purchases in the future on your Telly (i.e. product purchases directly from your Telly) in the future. This will require a PIN code so that you are in control of any purchase.

    Does Telly come with Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and more?

    Telly ships with a free 4K Android TV streaming dongle that has all of your favorite apps included and over 700,000 shows and movies to watch. When you connect your Android TV dongle, you can set it up and sign in to all of your favorite streaming services. 

    While Telly ships with an included 4k Android TV Dongle, users are welcome to connect their own favorite streaming service or device (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and more) to take maximum control over the viewing experience.

    Where do I get my Free Telly?

    Visit to reserve your free Telly TV today.

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