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    How to Become a Product Tester for Roku

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    Roku is looking for people who want to test their newest and greatest products. Users of all skill level are invited to share their experiences in exchange for free test products of the popular entertainment and media devices.

    To become a tester you must be comfortable with the following:

    Sign and acknowledge the Roku NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for confidentiality purposes.

    Report any bugs, issues, and feedback on a regular basis via e-mail, forums, and through user surveys.

    Be willing to receive and user test pre-release beta software that may sometimes cause undesired results.

    If you’re at all interested in becoming a user tester for Roku then apply here!

    Quick Tips to Ensure a Successful Application:

    • Be as thorough as possible when answering questions
    • Be honest and forthcoming, don’t lie about your experience level
    • Take any opportunity to share why you think you’d be a good fit
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